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The Night Before Christmas (A Collection of Christmas Stories)

       IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR when the house is filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies, and in the air is a feeling of excitement as everyone runs around the house gathering up their hidden treasures.  One by one they enter the wrapping room filled with boxes, paper, and bows, oh yes we mustn't forget the most sought after items of all, a box filled with everything needed to disguise the item within. As the evening comes to an end, with each one giving a big yawn we head upstairs for a long winter's nap. The chatter of voices from just an hour ago is now silent, so I slipped out of bed to check on the boys. As I pushed open each door I smiled in spite of myself seeing them snug in their beds; undoubtedly with visions of their presents filling their heads. As I gently closed their door I whispered, "Sweet dreams my little ones it won't be long now." Then I slipped down the stairs.    In the quiet of the night, I cleaned up all the wrapping mess while ch

The Life of a Teacup ( from a collection of Childrens Stories)

        I like to collect teacups, so when I get the chance I browse through china shops or antique stores to look for them, there is one shop, in particular, I really enjoy browsing through. One afternoon while I was there I saw a Tea-for One set that I just couldn't go home without. It had a pink rose that joined the teapot perfectly to the cup and the handles looked like a fish and it had gold edging.       I asked the sales clerk if I could see it, stating how beautiful I thought it was, and then the most amazing thing happened . . . the teacup spoke!  I haven't always been a teacup, there was a time all I was was a lump of red clay. My Master took me and rolled me and rolled me, then patted me all over and over again. I didn't like it, and I yelled out at him to leave me alone, but he only smiled and said, "Not Yet."      Then I was placed on a spinning wheel, and suddenly I was spinning around and around and around. "Stop!" I cried, "I'm g