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Finding Christ in Christmas (from a Holliday Collection)

                               Finding Christ in Christmas                   It’s time to gather around as I share Finding the Christ in Christmas with all my family and friends. It began deep within the woods many years ago when grandpa took me to help find the perfect Christmas tree. After looking everywhere, grandpa, with a big smile on his face, pointed to the tree saying, “There he is, we found our tree!” I was so excited that I let go of his hand and ran to the biggest tree I had ever seen, and turned to him, “Oh grandpa, its beautiful!” But to my surprise, he told me, “No child, it’s not that tree,” as he stood beside a very small one, “Come and help me dig our tree.” After we got the tree dug grandpa wrapped the dirt around the roots in a cloth and we started for home.             Every year we visited the trees along the back of the yard and he told me their story; the trees were for each one of his grandchildren and when we got to mine he told me; “This tree was little