On Eagles Wings (from Beside Still Waters)


    Isaiah 40:31 has long been a favorite scripture for Christians with many quoting it in reference to their Christian walk, but I can’t help but wonder if they understand the relevance to the eagle; it says    “. . . Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” However, we would not be doing the text justice unless we look at it as a whole; the first word we need to look at is ‘wait.’ I want you to think back to a time when you wanted something for Christmas in the worst way, marking off the days on the calendar as you waited with great anticipation, hoping and praying it would be there on Christmas morning. That’s the way the Lord wants you to WAIT for the blessings he has for you! I can almost see a smile on your face, but as a child of God, that’s only the beginning. Now let’s look at the phrase ‘renew their strength,’ when the eagle is migrating sometimes they have to fly for great distances that’s when they glide on warm updrafts of air for hours, gliding up to 30 mph with no expended energy, which allows them to RENEW THEIR STRENGTH. God’s miraculous design of the eagle makes it a masterpiece in flight, the wing makes up half of its total weight, and even though the bones are hollow the wing is stronger per inch than the wing of an airplane; it can fly up to 65 mph with a dive speed of up to 100 mph. So when God said “they shall mount up with wings like eagles” he was describing the ease in which his children can rise up out of their circumstances when turning to him. The eagle’s vision is so sharp that when it soars high above it can see down for up to four miles to spot its prey. So when you are soaring like the eagles you can look down at your circumstances from a clearer point of view. Once you are renewed your joy returns, you can continue on your journey and not be tired or weighed down with life’s trials.

       Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine watching an eagle flying effortlessly above. I can see its dark coloring in contrast to the softness of a blue sky, its wings outstretched in magnificent beauty as it completes turns with gracefulness and ease. I can almost feel its power as it dives down to snatch its prey from the water below, then flaps its wings with such strength as it soars upward again. When we are out on the lake, or out in the yard, and I see an eagle I can’t help but stand in awe and remember how the Lord lifted me up on eagles’ wings and brought me back into fellowship with him.

      Child of God I don’t know your circumstances, but I do the one who can teach you to soar above them. There is nothing in our lives that he doesn’t see, the good or the bad, and nothing is too small or too large that it doesn’t touch his heart.   He rejoices with you when you are happy and he cries with you when you are heartbroken; he loves you so much he collects your tears in a bottle. I implore you, please, don’t allow your enemy to steal your joy and come between your relationship with the Lord; allow God to renew your strength and set you in a covenant relationship with him. It just takes a simple prayer; let’s pray, Lord I lift this precious child before you and ask that you bring her back to you on eagle’s wings. Open her spiritual eyes to see the life you have chosen for her, one to give her hope and a future; open her spiritual ears to be able to hear your voice and the voice of another will be drowned in songs of deliverance. Lord put meaning and purpose into her life that she will be a witness to those around her to the glory of God. It is in Jesus' name we pray.

              Always remember the messages of Exodus 19:4 where God compares himself to an eagle as he led his people safely through their sorrow, danger, and distress through their wilderness journey and brought them back into covenant relationship with him.



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