Sisters (Day 1 from Cleansing thoughts)

       IT HAS BEEN WEEKS NOW without much sleep. Feelings of restlessness fill my days. I know the Lord is dealing with my heart, but I'm afraid of what I know He wants to say, so I keep busy. Busy doing nothing. I play my music loud to drown out the inner voice of God calling my name. I spend hours reading, but not my Bible, I knew He's was waiting for me on the pages. Finally, when I've done all I can do to run and find there is nowhere to go, I listen.

    Within my heart, I hear the gentle voice of the Lord, and I cry out in response, "But, Lord, I've tried so many times, and every time, I get hurt. I've prayed and will continue to pray. She is my sister, and I love her, but it hurts when I feel so rejected. Yes, I miss her and long to know her, but I've always believed she has never wanted to know me as I have her. How can I span the distance between us, for You know it is more than miles that keep us apart, and You are the only one that can bring us together."

    This was only one of many lonely nights and empty days longing for a relationship with my sister. When we were growing up, especially in our teens, she was outgoing and popular and I was withdrawn living in a world of fear, then she married and moved away, and I didn't hear from her much after that. Oh, there were times, when the Lord brought us together, that we were closer but they were too far and few between to develop the closeness I longed for. 

    Then the phone rang, at first, I didn't recognize the voice. It was her! "Well, you can stop praying now. I've gone back to church, and this time I'm staying." We talked that evening and many evenings after that. I've gone to visit her, and we've gotten to know each outer, maybe for the first time, and we learned we are not so different. We have a good time and discovered we have a lot in common, besides the Lord. But the greatest thing for me is that now when I miss her I know that she is just a phone call away. Thank you, Lord, for restoring our broken relationship and bringing us together.

    Reconciliation is a dominant theme throughout God's Word and held such significance that the Day of Atonement, one of the seven feasts established by the Lord, centered around it. On this day the high priest was permitted into the Holy of Holies in the temple to make atonement for himself and the nation of Israel. This atonement consists of a blood sacrifice as a covering for their sins. This sacrifice was a shadow foretelling of the atonement Christ would make on the cross of Calvary, where His shed blood was offered as the final sacrifice for all mankind. 



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