A Treasure Hunt (Day 1 from Cleansing Thoughts)

   THE WORLD DESCRIBES TREASURE AS wealth, such as money, jewels, or precious metals like silver or gold, that has been stored up by an individual. Sometimes, treasure from years past can be found in the depths of the sea by people known as treasure hunters. Some find family treasures in things that have preserved over time and passed down from generation to generation, such as antiques. Today. I learned that treasure is much like beauty; it is in the eyes of the beholder. 

   It was a beautiful summer day, and I decided to have my lunch in the park; It was there I observed life’s treasure hunting. The first to capture my attention were two men, one was younger while the other was nearing retirement age, but their common goal was the same, wealth. As I listened to their conversation, I could tell their purpose for wanting to accumulate this wealth was so that they would be able to fulfill their dreams in life and gain worldly possessions. From their conversation, I knew the older gentleman was sharing his life’s experience with the other on how to invest his money to assure his financial future. Not wanting to eavesdrop on this private conversation, I decided it was time to move on. 

   I chose another place that was shaded by a small grove of oak trees. As I sat down to have my lunch, and once again began to watch the activity of the people around me, and I became increasingly aware of the many different treasures hunts taking place. Some small children were gathering earth’s treasure that could be found on the ground where they had been playing. Each child placed their treasure carefully in a pile beside their mothers while they ran off to gather even greater rewards. There seemed to be a group of older boys gathering around a picnic table. With one loud “WOW,” I realized they were trading baseball cards, and someone was about to gain his greatest treasure of all! Off in the distance, sitting in the trees was a young couple whirs greatest treasure seemed to be found in each other. And there was a middle-aged woman who had been reading a book sitting in the shade of a big oak tree, and in my opinion, she had the greatest treasure of them all, a Bible. You may be asking yourself how I knew what the woman was reading. I know because I was that women.


  1. Yes, God's Word is our greatest treasure, for in there we find salvation and hope and eternal life through Jesus Christ. What could be a greater treasure than that? Nothing at all...


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