A Measure of Success (Day 1 from Cleansing Thoughts)


     TODAY, I WAS GIVEN THE opportunity to reflect upon my life, and for a while, I questioned what I saw.  You see, I realized in the eyes of man, I was a failure. I was lacking in experience. I had no formal education or training, and I was even told I was past the age for career opportunities. All this must have been the reason the gentleman giving me the job interview did not even show me the courtesy of looking at me as he spoke. Then there was the young women who seemed to question my ability because I answered her question, “Do you have a learning disability?” by stating I was an over comer of visual dyslexia. And, the most resent was a group interview, two of them interviewing four others and myself where it was stated that all if us would be given a written personality test followed by the statement, “This is to help us weed out the manic depressants and the bipolar’s.” 

   When I look back at what took place at what took place at these interviews, I saw myself through their eyes, and I felt like a failure. I spent the better part of a day having a putty party, listing all my shortcomings one by one and dwelling on all the things I wasn’t. When the tears dried and my head cleared, I turned to the Lord for comfort. As I sat down to read my Bible , I learned what failure really means; it is when we act contrary to the will of God or when we are disobedient to His Word. Even in what we perceive as failure, our minds have been deceived.

   You see, in part, what they were saying was true. I had graduated from high school near the bottom of my class because at the time the school system did not understand about dyslexia, and for the most part, those of us having this disorder were labeled fund or lazy. It wasn’t until I was in my forties that I was diagnosed as having visual dyslexia, and though it was true, I still have some difficulty. This was something I had given to the Lord and was working very hard to overcome. I had also been diagnosed as a manic depressant/bipolar but again, I had given this to the Lord and learned all l could about this disorder, and with the help of a prayer partner, I was stable, and I had not had to take medication in several years. The Word tells us that Jesus is the name above every name, and to His name, all others must bow. Dyslexia. Manic Depression. Bipolar. All are just names, so every day, I would take then to the cross, where they must bow to the game of Jesus. I gave it all to Him, and with the Lord, I am an overcomer!


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