Life on a Roller Coaster (Day 2, from Cleansing Thoughts)

    As I sat there, a grandchild on each side, I offered them my empty words of encouragement, checked to see that all were securely buckled in, and told them to hold on tight. As we began to move, their arms stretched to the heavens, as mine grabbed the bar in front of me until my knuckles turned white! That first climb seemed endless. Up and up we went, then suddenly, we were plummeting downward at such a rapid speed it seemed to tale my breath away. Before I  had a chance to catch my breath, we were making a hard turn, banking to the inside then a quick jerk to the right, ending in a spiral. There wasn't time to regain my composure until I found myself totally in the dark as we entered a long tunnel. Just when my eyes started to adjust to the darkness, we were forced back into the shocking sunlight. The ride began to settle down, or so I thought. The next thing I knew we entered a series of rolls. Up and down, around and around, again and again, until we began another climb with an even greater ascent than the first! But much to my surprise, we seemed to level off giving me a chance to regained a reasonable measure of self-confidence. What was I thinking! After all, this was a roller coaster, and my feeling of false security was about to come to an end as we began the whole thing all over again! I was at the mercy of this unrelenting beast and its insatiable appetite.

    When our car pulled to a stop, I had to pry my hands from the bar in front of me while praying the Lord to strengthen my legs enough to get me as far away from this devilish monster possible. The sound of my echoing screams was shattered by two small voices crying, "Grandma, can we go again?"

    I will never forget that day as long as I live, and it's a good thing because it will be the last roller coaster ride I ever take.                                                




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